As you might have guessed from the name of the site, I’m Chris X Wallis.  This blog is for me to record any recipes I come up with / try out, and for any other food related stuff I feel like posting.  I make no promise that the food will be edible – I’m only a home cook, I don’t work in catering in any form.

I try recipes from TV or books, but I like trying to improve them – either by working out ways to achieve the same effect further in advance of people arriving for dinner, or by enhancing the flavour using “modernist” techniques like sous vide cooking.  The result is that quite often I’ve tried things that sounded to me like they should work but don’t.  I kinda think this is more interesting than recipes that do work correctly, so I expect I’ll write as frequently about things that don’t work as I do about things that did work.  If you’re reading a post where I publicly admit failure, feel free to comment on how I can fix what I’m doing!